'Attack on Titan' chapter 87 spoilers, plot: Titans' roots revealed; Eren to escape prison using his Titan alter ego?


Hajime Isayama’s post-apocalyptic manga series, “Attack on Titan” has just dished out its 87th chapter dubbed as “Borderline” which answers questions about the human-eating Titans as the chapter traces back their roots.

The newly released chapter titled “Borderline” featured Zeke revealing a project known as the “Eldia Restorationists.” In the flashbacks, Marley officials were ordered to torment Grisha Yeager in order for them to obtain precious information regarding the true persona of the character known as the “Owl.”

However, when it seemed like they wouldn’t be getting anything from their captive, the abductors infused Grisha and the rest of the other prisoners with a serum that would eventually transform them into the beings everyone now knows as the Titans. They were later on dumped along the Paradis border for them to turn into the said behemoth beings.

In addition, Grisha saw that Dina would also encounter the same fate as them. Hence, the former cried out to the Marley authorities that the latter is one of the royalties and that fact alone should make their captors spare Dina. Nevertheless, Grisha was silenced by Kruger as the Marleys began infusing Dina with the Titan serum making her transform into the so-called Smiling Titan.

The succeeding pages then feature the protagonist Eren waking up from the abovementioned nightmare. He found out later on with the help of Armin that both he and his love interest, Mikasa are serving time for insubordination.

With that said, there are fan theories suggesting that either Eren or Armin might put their Titan alter egos into good use in order to escape the rat hole that they’re in.

For the meantime, avid readers will have to stay tuned for more news and updates about “Attack on Titan.”