'Attack on Titan' chapter 86 spoilers: Survey Corps to abandon walled city upon finding out truth from Dr. Yeager's journals?


As the members of the Survey Corps successfully made their way into the mysterious basement of Dr. Yeager, it is predicted that the upcoming chapter 86 of hit manga series “Attack on Titan” will cover what they found in the said location.

It can be recalled that back in chapter 85, Armin regained his consciousness while Eren and the rest of what remains in the group began their exploration of the place. With the hope of finding clues that could be linked to Grisha, the protagonists unveiled what could be more vital information they discovered three books that seem to contain the secrets of the world they are living in.

As they looked around, they learned that there was human existence outside of the walls contrary to what they were taught to believe. In one of Dr. Yeager’s detailed journals, Eren and his friends stumbled across a photo of a man, a young boy and a middle-aged woman all wearing formal attires. Interestingly, the caption at the back read, “Humanity was neither annihilated nor destroyed.”

This is deemed to lead the group to think that could be more humans still alive, presumably in better conditions than their place which is restrained and threatened by gigantic monsters. Their curiosity about their origins might also be heightened; making them question why they protect the walled city they call home if there is a more peaceful environment outside of it.

More details found in the journals are deemed to give explanation to the mystery of the Titans, the truth about the Reiss King and their ability to control the creatures, and even a way for the Survey Corps crew to find any of the touted free settlements. However, since there is no official synopsis yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.

“Attack on Titan” chapter 86 is expected to arrive on Oct. 8 in Shueisha Shonen Jump.