'Attack on Titan' chapter 85 spoilers, news: Jaeger basement breached; humans living peacefully beyond the walls?


Hajime Isayama’s giant-laden manga series that is “Attack on Titan” now reached its 85th chapter, and it seems secrets will be finally revealed, and some questions might be finally answered as Eren and the remaining members of the corps dig deep into the mystery in the upcoming chapter of the series dubbed “Basement.”

The next chapter will feature Armin Arlert finally gaining consciousness after his team’s ordeal with Bertolt’s titan form. Albeit being already awake, Armin is still bothered by the recurring visions of the so-called Colossus Titan but was then interrupted by the sleeping Sasha Blouse who is still recuperating from her wounds.

Levi Ackerman, on the other hand, regrouped the remaining corps members and asked Eren to narrate to Armin what transpired while he was knocked out cold. Moreover, as soon as Armin found out what happened, including what he did to Bertolt, he asked them why he was given the Titan serum instead of Erwin Smith. After a long discussion about on how they came up with the said decision, the team is now heading towards Eren’s ancestral abode.

As soon as they arrived, they were pleased to discover that the house was not caught by the huge flames emitted by Bertolt’s titan. Without wasting any precious time, the team then cleared the rubble and came across with the house’s basement door. Levi then forced the door open, and the room welcomed them with various research materials and notes about studies conducted by Eren’s father.

Upon conducting a more thorough search, they soon discovered a locked drawer which they opened using Eren’s long kept key. The team uncovered three journals hidden underneath the drawer’s secret compartment.

Eren then read one of the journals and was shocked to discover a photograph of his father with what it seems to be his family other than Eren’s own. He also noticed that the photo was taken outside the walls which further solidified his speculations as there was a note on the back of it stating that there are humans outside the walls who are living peacefully.

Meanwhile, the forthcoming chapter is set to be released in the September issue of the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.