Atari news: Videogame developer to launch 100 classic titles for PC this Spring via 'Atari Bundle'


Atari, an American video game and home computer system brand, pioneered the arcade games and home video game console concept. Now, the company decided to bring its PC title “Atari Vault” to PAX South 2016, which made old school gamers thrilled.

“Atari Vault” is a collection of 100 classic games from Atari which with brand new features and even multiplayer capabilities. Some of these iconic games include “Asteroids,” “Centipede,” “Missile Command,” “Tempest,” “Warlords,” and many others.

This new project from the gaming pioneers is a campaign to make Atari once more relevant in the present market with gamers having the ability to relive classic gaming experience enhanced in the modern setting. Furthermore, fans will also be provided with Steam Controller support that will make playing easier with improved precision on control. The collaborative work with Steam will also allow gamers to challenge other players anywhere they may be around the world for arcade supremacy through the Steam Leaderboards. The ’70s and ’80s soundtrack blasting through the game will also bring out more of the nostalgic feeling of the game.

This is not the first time that Atari attempted to bring their brand back into the consciousness of gaming aficionados by releasing a bundle of their classic titles. Their “Flashback” series of consoles is in its sixth generation featuring 100 built in games from the company’s roster of titles.

To heighten the anticipation for the “Atari Vault,” Atari will be providing live demonstrations and even hands on experience for “Roller Coaster Tycoon World” and even the mobile game “Pridefest.”

“Atari Vault” will be rolling out by spring, but people can check it first hand during the PAX South Video Game Expo 2016 in San Antonio, Texas which will run from Jan. 29-31.