Assassins Creed Syndicate won't get companion app; gang warfare, beefed up arsenal, new combos among new features


New details are emerging for Assassins Creed Syndicate which will be released on October 23 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

First, Ubisoft has confirmed that no syndicate companion app, or multiplayer experience will be made available for the game.

“There will not be a companion app. For Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, the team wanted to focus all their efforts on the core experience,” a representative from Ubisoft told Eurogamer.

As for the gameplay, Design and Trend reported that the game itself will include a gang warfare option wherein lead characters Jacob and Evie Frye will be able to recruit new members to their group. The increased membership could be used to boost the players’campaign for influence in different territories. The new members can also help accommulate more supplies and faster unlocks.

There will also be combat systems that are highly adaptive to close quarter fights with the use of an assortment of weapons and guns which ensures that an enemy cannot escape unscathed.

“For melee fighting, there is going to be a whole arsenal at the player’s disposal. Apart from the brass knuckles, which will cause very violent sequences, a variety of guns will “leave no chance” to the enemies (depending on where the player is targeting the enemy, each body part will have a different reaction and headshots will obviously be fatal),” entertainment website Access the Animus bared in its Facebook post.

It also said that players will have a lot of fun triggering combos during the fights.

The human shield option will also make a return to the franchise to protect the player from attacks in the form of bullets or flying fists.

Meanwhile, actors Paul Amos and Victoria Atkin have signed on to provide the voices of Jacob and Evie while Henry Green will be voiced by Jazz Deol. There are several other actors listed on the game’s IMDB page but their characters have not yet been finalized.