'Assassin's Creed' news: Evie Frye takes on Jack the Ripper in newest DLC


Before the year ends, “Assassin’s Creed” is handed out with Jack the Ripper as its newest DLC.

On its official blog site, it said that people of London are filled with fear. After being absent for 20 years, players will take on the character of Evie Frye, equipped with new skills, as she tries to uncover one of the most mysterious killers in  history. Along the way, she will be led into the dark underworld of Victorian London’s Whitechapel district.

In the promotional video posted on the same site, the new DLC shows the several murders of Jack the Ripper. An older man looks for Evie Frye to ask for help, as he believes that she may be the only one who can. Eventually, Frye tries to track down the villain whose face is covered in what looks like a graying cloth, while the enemy seems to be enjoying his deed as he slaughters one man after another.

PC gamers will get Jack the Ripper on Dec. 22, while fans using PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles already had theirs last Dec. 15.

Cost-wise, the standalone Jack the Ripper costs $14.99, while fans can also opt for the season pass at $29.99. The season pass will already include The Last Maharaja mission pack, where Duleep Singh tries to regain his heritage and place at Maharaja in ten new missions; A Long Night mission, where Jacob tracks down his fellow gang mate and brings him back to their hideout; the Streets of London gameplay pack, where players get more than an hour of additional content and new missions, weapons, gears, and outfits; the Two top-tier sets of gears and weapons, where fans get to have access in the Steampunk Pack and Victorian Legends pack to get additional gears and outfits; and an Exclusive XP boost, where players get permanent boost on their experience.