Ashanti's 'Let's Go' needs to be hydrated, new single supports Drink Up campaign


Singer-songwriter Ashanti unveiled her latest single “Let’s Go” on Nov. 5, but for fans to be able to listen to it in high quality audio and watch it in sharp colored video, they have to help “hydrate” it.

Hydrating the song means using the hashtag #DrinkUpAshanti on Instagram and Twitter. Each time the hashtag is used on those social media platforms, the low-fi audio quality of the track gets better, and the black and white video turns to full color, until the song is fully replenished for its release.

This project is to promote water drinking and to encourage rather than dictate to people to increase their intake of the liquid and to do it more frequently.

“I love that my song is being used to encourage people to make a really easy choice: drinking more water every day,” Ashanti said in a press release posted on PR Newswire. “It’s even more rewarding when it’s being done in a creative, positive way.”

This effort is in collaboration with Drink Up, a project by Partnership for Healthier America headed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

“With their hard work and creativity, groups like Drink Up have encouraged people across the country to drink more water, and they have helped increase demand for and sales of healthier products,” said the first lady, quoted in the same press release. “From talking fountains to surfing competitions and now through partnerships with artists like Ashanti, Drink Up is proving that if we promote healthier options in fun and exciting ways, and make those options affordable and accessible for families, we can continue to make the healthy choice the easy choice.”

Rehydrating “Let’s Go” comes in four phases and at the time of writing, it has already reached Level 3. It will be sold on iTunes once it is fully replenished.

Ashanti said, “Drinking water is in … it’s just cool and sexy. You are what you drink, so drink up. It’s also a pleasure to work with the First Lady again to help make the healthy choice the easy choice.”

Here is a behind-the-scenes video for “Let’s Go”: