'Arrow,' 'The Flash' midseason premiere trailers released by CW


Following their midseason finales earlier this month, “Arrow” and “The Flash” will return on The CW to continue the latter parts of their respective seasons. With their return, stakes are higher and characters are put into greater tension than in the first half of the season. To further tease fans on what to expect for the shows’ midseason premieres, The CW recently released new trailers for “Arrow” and “The Flash.”

In the new “Revenge” trailer, Oliver dons his Green Arrow persona and hunts Damien Darhk after Darhk attacked him and his girlfriend and new fianc, Felicity Smoak. With Felicity heavily injured from the attack, Oliver uses all he has at his disposal to settle the score with Darhk once and for all. Near the end of the trailer, Thea says to Oliver, “Felicity’s out of surgery. They didn’t say what’s wrong.”

What will happen to Felicity, and her relationship to Oliver? Find out when “Arrow” returns on Jan. 20.

On the other hand, the “Pretty Messed Up” trailer for “The Flash” showed that two different Earths will collide as Team Flash might go on a trip to Earth 2 from Earth 1. As they travel between worlds, they will discover that everything is “pretty messed up.” Barry is seen to have some sort of a romantic relationship with the Earth 2 Iris West. The trailer also announces the return of the Reverse Flash.

While for most of the first season, the character took the persona of Harrison Wellsplayed by Tom Cavanaughthis time, the “original” Reverse Flash of the show, Matt Letscher, will be playing the role. The trailer also featured Killer Frost, now confirmed to be the Earth 2 version of scientist Dr. Caitlyn Snow.

Join Team Flash as they take on Earth 2 in “The Flash,” returning on Jan. 19.