'Arrow' season 5 spoilers, news: series producers may totally get rid of flashbacks in season 6


One of the unique features of the American action-adventure television series “Arrow” is the constant showcase of flashbacks of the main character’s personal story. For the fans of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), it was quite a creative way to get to learn more about the hero’s past, including the factors that led to the development of his other persona. But in the upcoming season 5, the producers of The CW series may be ditching the concept for good.

In a recent IGN report, it was revealed that the producers of the show came up with the decision to end Oliver’s personal backstory, which has been a major part of the storyline since the beginning. Nonetheless, flashbacks in general will not be totally eliminated. According to producer Marc Guggenheim, this time, they won’t be involving island flashbacks and there will no longer be a “serialized story” like in the previous seasons.

“Next year, in Season 6, what we’ll end up doing is we’ll do some episodes without any sort of flashbacks,” Guggenheim said, indicating that “Arrow” might finally do away with flashbacks for good after the upcoming season.

The previous season of “Arrow” received a bit of negative feedback from a few critics with the show’s overemphasis on dramatic plots. There also were comments that the story was just too slow-moving that episodes became boring and dull. But this time, Guggenheim is hoping to stay away from emotions, saying that “it’s got to be just adrenaline-fueled action, like danger… it’s just got to be very visceral, not emotional.”

Those who have followed this series from the get-go know for a fact that it was originally designed to provide action-packed sequences with a set of characters who dare to fight the bad guys. But after the first couple of seasons, the writers eventually decided to focus more on showcasing character development, particularly their personal lives. But based on what the producers are saying, the upcoming season could be the first step for the series to go back to its old ways.

Season 5 of “Arrow” is set to premiere on Oct. 5.