'Arrow' Season 4: Stephen Amell discusses Oliver running for Starling City Mayor


The fourth season of The CW’s hit series Arrow had a lot of “new” thing to offer fansa new suit for Oliver Queen and even for John Diggle, a new superhero name, new enemies, and even a possible new alter ego for Oliver.

Due to recent events of killings connected to the Mayor’s position, Oliver expressed his decision to run for mayor of Starling City. Could he be having his own version of Tony Stark’s “I am Iron Man” moment? In the comics, Oliver Queen once became mayor of Starling City, and after that, his secret identity as the hooded hero Green Arrow was compromised and became known to the public.

Will that be the case in Arrow though? ComicBook.com had the chance to talk about it with actor Stephen Amell on the set of the show recently. As per the actor, the decision Oliver made to run for Mayor of Starling City would not necessarily mean the reveal of his secret superhero identity. In fact, Oliver Queen will remain a different persona from the Green Arrow as both of them can do things for the city that the other cannot.

“That’s an interesting question,” Amell said. “I think that the whole idea of running for mayorintrinsic in it is that we’re going to separate the Oliver Queen and Green Arrow character because Oliver Queen as a man representing the city can do things that the Green Arrow can’t. The Green Arrow can take down the city’s criminals but he can’t rally a crowd with a speech. Which is one of the things that I’ve really enjoyed doing this year. I’ve had more speeches this yearboth good and badthan I’ve probably had in the first three seasons combined. So, no, we definitely want to keep those two things separate.”

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