'Arrow' season 4 spoilers: Marc Guggenheim debunks death theories


The longest running mystery in the fourth season of “Arrow” is the identity of the person in the grave that was shown in a flash forward scene as early as the season’s premiere episode. The identity of the person was finally revealed in the most recent installment of the series titled “Eleven Fifty-Nine.” While the reveal of the death caused mixed reactions from fansmost especially from comic book loyaliststhe producers of the show defended their decision to kill of the character and revealed what they would not do with the death they just showed.

Spoilers ahead for the “Eleven Fifty-Nine” episode of “Arrow.”

After 17 episodes of dragging the mystery, it was finally revealed that Laurel Lance is the one in the grave that was shown in the season’s premiere episode. After having a tragic encounter with Damien Darhk, Laurel met her sudden demise and died at the end of the episode.

In a recent interview with Collider, “Arrow” executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle discussed the death in the series and said that there is no way that the death they have shown would end up as a faked death.

“The joke I’ve been making, quite frankly, is that Oliver Queen killed her,” Guggenheim said. “But there are certain coins of the realm on our show. Death is one of them. Mysteries and secrets are another. What did Laurel say to Oliver? We didn’t intend for it to be that she asked Oliver to euthanize her.”

As per Guggenheim, the possibility of Laurel only faking her death is zero, as they intend to do something they have never done before.

“No. We’ve done that,” he said. “We’ve done a fake death before. We’re always trying to figure out the next way to do this. That fake-out where she was okay, and then she wasn’t, was our attempt to do a death that we haven’t done before. We’ve had people killed right in front of Oliver. We’ve faked a death. We’ve had someone be fatally injured, and then Oliver arrives on the scene.”

Citing examples from other hit shows, Guggenheim said that death in a series would bring great change to the story.

“‘The Walking Dead’ has this problem, too. I shouldn’t say problem, but creative challenge,” Guggenheim went on. “‘Game of Thrones’ has it, also. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Jon Snow, but that is also probably going to change things. It’s the nature of having a long-running show that deals with death as a major component of it.”

On the other hand, Mericle said that Laurel’s final words to Oliver would not be discussed until season 5.

“Arrow” returns on April 27 on The CW.