'Arrow' season 4: Felicity to return to Oliver or Team Arrow, but not both


In the most recent episode of “Arrow,” titled “Eleven Fifty-Nine,” the identity of the person in the grave seen in the premiere episode of the season was revealed, Laurel Lance, who was killed by Damien Darhk. However, as the episode left the team losing one of their vital members, the executive producers of the show revealed that the death of a teammate would mean the return of someone who left recently.

In the past episodes of “Arrow,” the relationship between Felicity and Oliver Queen had been very rocky stage. Felicity broke up with Oliver and even left Team Arrow along the way. With the recent death of Laurel Lance still haunting the team, it appears that Felciity might have a change of heart about something.

In a recent interview with TVLine, “Arrow” executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle teased the upcoming return of Felicity on Team Arrow.

“There are two issues,” Guggenheim said. “She’s broken up with Oliver and she’s also broken up with the team essentially. And in Episode 19 [‘Canary Cry,’ airing Wednesday, April 27], we’ll see the undoing of one of those decisions.”

However, it appears that Oliver can’t really have it both ways, as discussed by Mericle. According to her, Felicity would only be doing one thingeither go back to Oliver’s life as a love interest or just go back as Overwatch of Team Arrow.

“One does not mean the other is going to happen,” she said. “She could come back to the team and that does not mean that she’s back together with Oliver. We started off this season with Felicity really wanting to come back and do this because she herself enjoys this kind of vigilante lifestyle, but that is separate from Oliver. In [the Season 4 premiere], he didn’t want to; it was more about her making herself happy than anything else. So she’ll be grappling in some ways with that.”

“Arrow” will return on April 27.