'Arrow' season 4 news: Felicity rumors discussed


One of the most suspenseful, if not a little disappointing to some, television events last year is the way the midseason finale of the hit series “Arrow” turned out. The question as to who will die in the current season of the show has not been answered yet.

In the final events of the midseason finale, Felicity was shot and left in a seemingly very critical condition, which led fans to think that the grave shown in episode 1 of the current season is hers. However, as times passed, fans are becoming less convinced that Felicity will die

Also, people had been telling the producers of the show that it will be cruel to kill one of the most loved characters of the show. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained the choices they made for the midseason finale.

“I realize we’re being especially cruel this year, and for that I apologize, but there’s some great stuff coming up on that show,” Kreisberg said. “Midseason finales are incredibly hard, but I think even harder is the one after Christmas, the one where you come back. I will say both The Flash and the Arrow episodes are two of our best come-back-from-the-long-Christmas-break episodes. They’re not placeholder episodes before the good stuff gets going. So much happens in both of these shows.”

In other news, showrunner Marc Guggenheim addressed the rumors that Felicity is not dead following the attack on her and Oliver. He did not say that she was killed, but he gave a statement that aimed to strengthen the feel that Felicity could be really dead after all.

“Arrow” returns on Jan. 20 on The CW.