'Arrow' season 4 episode 5 updates: Matt Ryan says putting trenchcoat back on helped him with Constantine appearance


The upcoming episode of “Arrow” will mark the appearance of actor Matt Ryan as John Constantine, in the episode “Haunted.” 

In an interview with Variety, the actor shared how he got back to character after a long while, and how he fits in to the world of “Arrow.” 

“There are certain things he’s doing, like picking up a sword and fighting with it, that are slightly different,” he said, talking about his return to character after the show “Constantine” was cancelled. “And there was a period of adjustment as well, when I first put on the trenchcoat again.” 

“What’s great about that episode is that John comes into this ‘Arrow’ world, and everyone doesn’t believe, or doesn’t know about, these occult worlds beyond ours, and John’s just like, ‘Look, this is the way s*** is,'” he further explained. 

He added that his character is rather arrogant so “everyone’s a bit thrown off by him.”  

With regard to death and resurrections, “Arrow” producers have addressed the season premiere’s final scene, wherein Oliver mourns the death of someone and promises to avenge the person responsible for it. In a recent press interview, as noted by Collider, series executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle talked about that scene and how they plan to have it work out.  

Guggenheim confirmed that someone is indeed dead. However, even the producers have not yet decided the unfortunate person who is laid to rest in that grave. But why can’t they just revive that person, whoever it is, using the Lazarus Pit? Mercile said no, as they would find a way to discard the option of the Lazarus Pit. 

True to her claim, the Lazarus Pit was recently destroyed by Nyssa with the use of a method still unexplained that her father, the late Ra’s al Ghul, devised should the power of the pit fall into the “wrong hands,” and in her judgment, Malcolm’s. 

“Arrow” continues its fourth season every Wednesday on The CW.