‘Archer’ season 8 plot news: Creator explains season’s surprising twist

Sterling Archer continues his adventures even while in dreamland.


The master spy lives on as the adult animated series “Archer” opened its eighth season with a film noir archetype.

The seventh season’s finale episode revealed that Sterling Archer’s body was found floating in a Los Angeles swimming pool.

Apparently, the newly-released premiere episode has revealed that the secret agent is alive. However it also confirms that Archer is in a comatose state. His emotionally-distant mother, Malory, and his ex-girlfriend, Lana, are taking turns in taking care of him.

Even so, Archer continues his undercover work while in dreamland.

“I’m not sure how I came up with the idea, but it’s been in the works for a long time,” show creator Adam Reed told Variety when asked about the making of the current season’s plot.

The season, titled “Archer: Dreamland,” takes place in 1947, where the hero takes the role of a detective. Lana is a lounge singer who works in a club owned by Malory, who leads criminal operations in L.A. Ray becomes a bandleader, and Krieger is a bartender.

Cyril and Pam, now a man named Poovey, are detectives who play Archer’s rivals.

“There’s so many — obviously there’s the serious take on the noir anti-hero detective, and then there have been so many great comedic takes on it — that I wanted to, I don’t know, I guess try my hand at it,” Reed explained.

According to the creator, he aimed to make the plot so real that the viewers forget that it is a dream. He even drafted a storyline that goes back and forth from reality to the dreamscape. However, this story reportedly becomes darker.

Reed, who voiced Ray, hinted that the narrative gets darker as the season progresses. He also mentioned that Archer will not wake up anytime soon.

“If people are like, I’m not going to watch it until he’s back in the present day, they probably shouldn’t go ahead and pre-order the season,” he asserted.

The next episode of “Archer: Dreamland” will air on Apr. 12 on FXX.