'Aquaman' movie news: new screenwriter to build on draft scripts


Screenwriter David Leslie Johnson is “Aquaman’s” latest addition to its ranks. He will do rewrites of the two separate scripts that were prepared by Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad, or possibly pool together ideas from both, or even provide a third version to help develop the project. As to how far Johnson’s involvement is in the project is not clear yet, but he is said to be working with director James Wan to streamline the “Aquaman” film, which is Warner Brothers’ take on the DC Entertainment water-breathing hero of the cinematic universe. 

Johnson’s career break came with writing the “Wrath of the Titans” and “Red Riding Hood,” both by Warner Bros., and some “The Walking Dead” episodes. On the 2016 film “The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist,” he is also working with Wan, who was taken on board to develop and direct “Aquaman.” 

Jason Momoa is playing the star role of Aquaman, the King of the Seven Seas. In his kingdom of Atlantis, Aquaman rules, committed to keeping the world safe, but he is constantly caught between surface dwellers and his own Atlanteans who are mostly poised for revolt. 

When asked about his character, Momoa shared with The Robots Voice some months back, “A bit of respect to prior work, but I think he is meaner now and upset  look at what has been done to our oceans. That’s his world that has been polluted.” 

Regarding Aquaman’s costume, Momoa shared with Cosmic Booknews that it would stay true to the classic comic book look of the superhero, “Well, there might be some bit of orange and green.” 

As for toys, he revealed that these are coming, “There will be collectibles.” 

Regarding his character Aquaman being the target of jokes, Momoa said on Screen Rant way back during the Fan Expo Canada 2015, “You know, it’s cute and funny, I mean people make fun of him and there’s a bunch of jokes about him. But I’m like ‘Well … just wait. Let’s just wait a little bit. And then we can make jokes.'” 

Certainly, Wan will have his work cut out for him proving “Aquaman” as a hero to be reckoned with, not just a subject of ridicule. Fans will be able to see for themselves when the movie lands in theaters on July 27, 2018, “Aquaman’s” expected date of release.