Apple's iPhone 7 leaks keep pouring in; what's new and what lacks in the new handset?


Technophiles and Apple fanatics all over the world anticipate the release of the new iPhone 7, especially with details and photos, although not entirely verified, continuously being leaked to the web.

The most recent design leaks from OnLeaks (Steve Hemmerstoffer of show major changes from previous iPhone models and major differences between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro. These include difference in camera and connectivity.

The iPhone 7 Pro will have a substantially more advanced lens compared with iPhone 7. Camera housing of iPhone 7, though, appears to be larger than that of iPhone 6s which alludes to a reasonable upgrade.

With regard to connectivity, several conflicting leaks have emerged recently on whether or not the all-new Apple phone will have a smart connector which is indicated by three dots on the lower back of the device. It then turns out that smart connector will only be installed on the iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 7 will lose out.

In addition, in these most recent leaks, it can be pointedly observed that there are no headphone jack and second speaker and the antennae band is moved to the bottom. Despite recent doubts, the designs show the absence of the headphone jack that is suspected to make way for a slimmer iPhone and to urge the use of wireless headphone. As for the antennae band, it will evidently remain but will be moved to the lower part of the phone in order to make more room for a larger camera lens.

The new iPhone may be at its most minimal when it comes to thickness, but there are whispers about increase in battery capacities. Previous rumors suggest that the new iPhone will have an all-metal design sans the bezel. There are claims that it will be water- and dust-resistant too.

All these are but unverified reports and until the release of iPhone 7 later this year, consumers and enthusiasts can only speculate on what to expect and wish for their desired features to be included in the package of the new Apple phone.