Apple Watch rumor: Device to be launched on March 22?


It has almost been two years since Apple released its Apple Watch, and it is but understandable for Apple fans to look forward to, at least, an announcement on the release of its Apple Watch 2. While many sources deemed to be credible claim that Apple will unveil the watch in an upcoming event this month, some naysayers say that it is not likely to happen.

It has been believed that Apple will unveil its Apple Watch 2 in its event this March, along with the speculated iPhone 6c and the iPad Air 3. However, some pundits think otherwise, citing that Apple usually announces its new devices in the month of September.

Before the March 2016 unveiling rumor surfaced, it was already reported that Apple Watch may be released in June this year. This piece of unconfirmed news seems to corroborate another speculation that came out after Quanta chairman Barry Lam announced in an investor’s meeting that a limited stock of Apple Watch 2 will be released at the latter part of 2016’s second quarter, and more of it will be dropped in the market by the third quarter of the year.

In January this year, G for Games reported that Apple and Quanta went into a trial production of Apple Watch 2. In the event that the trial production went on smoothly, if it did occur to begin with, Macworld opines that both have enough time to get ready for the watch’s unveiling, allegedly in the month of April.

While most rumors point to a March 15 announcement date, Apple Insider reports that the event won’t happen until March 22 after a report came out that Apple employees were asked to mark the said date on their calendars, presumably because of an event.

With all the supposed dates for the announcement of Apple Watch 2 mixing up, Apple Watch fans will just have to wait and see. Perhaps, they can relish the possibility that some variants of the upcoming Apple Watch 2 will supposedly come with Hermes-like straps that will spell its elegance.