Apple Watch 2 release date, specs: 'One Glass Solution' for slimmer, lighter device


The second generation Apple Watch, albeit not having an official release date, is not lacking when it comes to rumored updates. The latest reports have suggested that the upcoming wearable device will be utilizing a ‘One Glass Solution’ (OGS) display for a slimmer design.

A recently published article by Mac Rumors claims that the Cupertino-based company is planning to use OGS instead of the traditional glass-on-glass (G/G) display for their upcoming smartwatch. The tip came from DigiTimes whose information came from Apple’s supplier, TPK Holding.

The move will enable Apple to have a little bit more leeway in terms of internal space for the gadget. In lieu of the G/G display, which has two pieces of glass, OGS replaces one layer of it with a thinner material resulting to additional space which can possibly accommodate a larger battery. This way, it can finally acknowledge majority of the consumers’ gripe about the debut iteration of the Apple Watch which is limited battery life. It can also significantly reduce the weight of the wrist candy.

Unfortunately, production for the OGS is said to have been caught in a snag resulting in “low yield rates.” While it is still unconfirmed whether this will affect the release timetable for the Apple Watch 2, the lack of word from Apple with regard to the launch may prove otherwise.

“The large loss for the second quarter was mainly because touch panel orders for iPhones continued to decrease, and Apple will change touch panel technology from G/G to OGS in the new Apple Watch to be launched in the second half of 2016, TPK said. The change in touch panel technology involved unexpected technological difficulties and therefore yield rates for OGS touch panels were much lower than expected, TPK explained,” according to DigiTimes.

There have been multiple occasions this year where industry people have been expecting Apple to finally unveil the Apple Watch 2. First was during the tech giant’s low-key media event back in March. Instead of the next-gen device, a couple of band upgrades for its predecessor were introduced. It was then followed by the annual Worldwide Developers Conference back in June, which also has the upcoming smart wearable noticeably absent.