Apple Watch 2 release date: Smartwatch to be launched with iPhone 7 in September 2016?


With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) looming closer, what better way to keep track of the barely a week and a half left before the convention begins than with the next version of the Apple Watch, which is believed to be launched in September.

It was previously rumored that the Apple Watch 2 might be released either in June or September, with the June date speculated because of the WWDC. Now, reports suggest that the release in September is more likely as it will place the Apple Watch 2 launch alongside release of the next iPhone.

Allegedly, the delay is due to developers discovering technical complications while working on the Apple Watch 2 which caused the launch to be pushed back to sometime in the fall season. As the fall season starts in September and going by the previous rumors alleging a possible release for it, the month is currently the most likely period for the device’s release.

Yet the rocky road in the Apple Watch 2’s path does not end with the mere possibility of a delay as application developers are reportedly losing interest in creating apps for the device. According to research done by Business Insider, only one out of 1,000 apps intended for the iOS system are designed to work with the Apple Watch.

The data comes from the mobile database Realm which collate information from about 1 billion mobile users for use by about 100,000 app developers. According to Tim Anglade, an app developer and president of Realm, “On a weekly basis we’re seeing very few Watch apps, compared to iOS apps. For every 1,000 new iOS apps being built there are 10 tvOS apps and maybe one Watch app.”

The lack of apps being developed for the device might be among the biggest hurdles in Apple Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tim Cook’s promise that the Apple Watch will be “getting better and better.”

At any rate, more news about the Apple Watch 2 might come when WWDC begins on June 13.