Apple Watch 2 release date: Material procurement ramping up for Q3 2016 arrival?


The next version of Apple’s well-received physical fitness and biometrics tracking smartwatch is reportedly in nearing the end of its development period, with rumors claiming that Apple is now preparing to mass produce the Apple Watch 2 possibly in preparation for a launch soon.

DigiTimes reported that sources close to the development of the Apple Watch 2 have claimed that the Cupertino-based tech giant is now in the process of ordering massive quantities of the materials needed for the device, like chips and other components.

The sources also claimed that the spike in the company’s procurement scheme is due to the unexpected rise of orders for upcoming Apple Watch 2, with estimates placing the possible amount of units to be shipped monthly at 2 million. The sources said that the sales performance of the first Apple Watch was actually disappointing, despite becoming the bestselling wearable device last year.

Shipment of the device’s materials are expected to begin in the third quarter of this year, which means the chips and components could come in next month at the earliest. Some have taken the claims to mean that the Apple Watch 2 will also release within the same timeframe, with guesses placing the device’ launch possibly at the end of the quarter in September.

Other rumors also corroborate the claims of a Q3 arrival, with reports claiming a similar timeframe being announced by Quanta, the Chinese company that manufactured the first Apple Watch. According to reports, the company’s chairman Barry Lam announced during one of the company’s investors meeting that the Apple Watch 2 will begin trickling into the market in limited stocks at the end of the year’s second quarter.

Q2 2016 means the months of April to June, which means that there might already be units of the Apple Watch 2 out there. Lam said that the device will also come out in full force in Q3 2016, which fits in with the claims of the DigiTimes sources, though there is still currently no word on a specific date.