Apple Watch 2 news: Tech analyst speculates up tp 40 percent thinner smartwatch, to drop in June


It looks like Apple is planning to make the second iteration of the Apple Watch worth the wait as new speculations reveal that the smartwatch will see a huge improvement compared to its predecessor.

An industry analyst from the Drexel Hamilton firm in Wall Street, Brian White, made a couple of statements regarding the Apple Watch 2 which could potentially lure more consumers to check the device and hype up fans to its release. According to White, look-wise, the upcoming smartwatch will be about 20 percent to 40 percent thinner compared to the first Apple Watch.

“We believe Apple Watch 2 could be 20-40 percent thinner than the current Apple Watch,” White revealed.

Aside from a sleeker frame, it has been already rumored that the second generation device will be amplifying its features with potential longer battery life, waterproof design, and even the ability to work as an independent device. 

Also, the industry analyst shared that at the time frame that they are currently looking at for Apple, there is a huge possibility that the Cupertino-based company will be dropping the device in their next big event in June which is the WWDC.

“Finally, we walked away with the sense that the Apple Watch refresh will not occur in September with the iPhone 7, but is more likely to occur within the next 2-3 months, and thus we believe an unveiling at WWDC in June makes sense.”

This coincides with previous rumors coming from Barry Lam, Chairman of Quanta Computer, which is the sole manufacturer of the first Apple Watch. Lam revealed that a limited number of supplies for the Apple Watch 2 will be hitting the shelves before the second quarter of this year ends with more to come breaking into the third quarter.

As previously reported, many tech aficionados thought that Apple will be dropping the Apple Watch 2 during their March event given that it seemingly was about consumer driven products. However, there was no information given about the aforementioned device. Instead, Apple released a couple of new bands for the first Apple Watch.