Apple Watch 2 release date in June or September: what to expect


The hype for the next in tech giant Apple’s line of health focused, high tech wrist wear just keeps growing and growing, with a release speculated in the latter half of 2016.

Specifically, the Apple Watch 2 is currently believed to launch either in June or September. The month of June has Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), while September will have the launch of the new iPhone 7, meaning that Apple already has at least two preexisting points of interest.

Interestingly, asking the current Apple Watch when its successor might come gives the message “ should be able to answer that.” Visiting the Apple Watch section on the site only gives details about the current version, however.

As for catering to user preferences, there are currently about five models believed for the Apple Watch 2’s initial incarnation. The current Apple Watch has a total of four variants aside from the regular Apple Watch; Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Hermes, and Apple Watch Edition.

Of the three other variants for the current Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 2 is expected to redo at least the Apple Watch Edition and the Apple Watch Sport.

As part of Apple’s continued efforts in further refining the company’s products aimed towards health, Time reported that the company hired seven nurses to assist in developing the Apple Watch’s body-monitoring features.

The nurses are reportedly hired full-time at Apple, working in one of the company’s laboratories. The nurses operate medical equipment to monitor important, health-related points in the data provided by Apple’s specially designed test chambers.

These test chambers are apparently able to simulate atmospheric changes, like in temperature and weather, to provide a variety of conditions. People enter the chambers and then are asked to do a certain activity, the data from their performance are then collated and read by the nurses.

Ahead of the Apple Watch 2, the updated WatchOS 2 operating system is already available.