Apple Watch 2 news: No new smartwatch at WWDC 2016; watch OS 3 previewed instead


It’s here, though it turned out to be less than what was expected. Apple recently launched the new version of its software for the Apple Watch. The new version is the watchOS 3 and it brings with it a set of new features for the current generation of Apple Watch users.

Just like what was rumored, there had been no hardware announcements of any kind for the recently held Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016. However, even if the long rumored Apple Watch 2 did not come now, the device is sure to come at a later date.

The Apple Control Center application is now on the watchOS 3, too. To access the Control Center, users need to swipe up from the bottom of the device screen.

The ability to reply to messages via the Apple Watch also just go better. Now, with the mini Messages app that is available via the watchOS 3, there is a wide range of Smart Replies ready for users to use, such as saying “see you there,” or saying that the user in a meeting and cannot answer right now.

Another new way to make use of Messages is the introduction of the Scribble feature. With this new feature, users can opt to just use their own handwriting and “scribble” on the surface of the Apple Watch. The software, in turn, recognizes the handwriting and converts it into typed text.

In a pinch or in an emergency and cannot reach the iPhone? The Apple Watch, thanks to the new watchOS 3, now has what is called as SOS. With the new SOS feature, the Apple Watch would automatically dial and call 911 if the user presses and holds the side button of the Apple Watch. This feature is easily accessible as long as that the Apple Watch is either connected to an iPhone or Wi-Fi. After getting through to 911, the Apple Watch would then automatically notify the user’s emergency contacts and alerts them of the current situation and the current location of the user.

The watchOS 3 is now available as a developer preview. A full public release would be rolling out for free sometime this fall.