Apple Watch 2 release date imminent as watchOS 3 will be available soon?


With a new update released for the Apple Watch, consumers might find the Apple Watch 2 released within the year.

As mentioned in reports, there are different variants that will be released. One of those variants will be the standard Apple Watch 2. If the user is in to sports or is very active in their lifestyle, they may choose to go with the Apple Watch Sport. There will be different editions that will be in line with the release as well.

Another similar feature that the Apple Watch 2 has with the other Apple devices like the iPhone is that it can also download apps. Furthermore, there are already 3,500 apps that are available for the smartwatch.

One of the most exciting developments for the Apple Watch was revealed during Apple’s keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last June 13. The company introduced a new update for the device the watchOS 3, which will be available soon. While fans of the device were expecting more information to be released with regard to the Apple Watch 2, the introduction of the operating system update for the Apple Watch was exciting enough.

With the watchOS 3, apps will now load quicker and work faster while being used. The smartwatch will also now have the capability to determine which apps are being used most often. It is those apps that will have the advantage of loading faster.

There will also be an update to the interface in order to have a smoother experience in navigating the device. Moreover, transferring from one app to another can be done with a simple swipe. Overall, the new watchOS 3 update will be more user friendly for the owners of the Apple Watch.

There is no exact release date yet for the Apple Watch 2, but it is expected to have a September 2016 launch. Meanwhile, the new watchOS 3 will be available for Apple Watch users in the fall.