Apple Watch 2 news: New reports suggest wearable device will not be launched in March


Fans of the Apple Watch 2 may have to stretch their patience longer as latest reports suggest that the wearable device will not be rolling out in March. This is contrary to previous rumors that the second outing of the gadget will be revealed together with other Apple devices in their annual special event in March.

In an article published by Tech Crunch, Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin discussed that the the way the supply chain works right now, a March launch is simply not plausible.

“With the supply chain cuts from the usual suspects of Apple component providers, the timing does seem suspect for a new product given orders would have taken place in the latter part of 2015 if a new product is shipping first half of 2016,” said Bajarin.

The tech veteran also suggested that Creative Strategies is closely looking on some new patterns in the Cupertino-based company and as of now, these new patterns are yet to show some structure.

“As with the current edition of the Apple Watch, no one really saw that coming via supply chain so it is possible to not see it. However, the Apple supplier warnings of soft revenue ahead do seem to cause one’s eyebrow to raise when thinking about a new product supposedly shipping in a few months,” he finished.

Furthermore, Apple is still being mum about the second iteration of their wearable device a little less than two months before its supposed to roll out.

On the other hand, The Motley Fool is raising the point of cycling timing for the Apple Watch 2. With the holiday season just ending and Apple Watch being a popular gift over Christmas, it is never a good feeling to get a brand new device only to see its upgraded version a few months after acquiring one. Pushing the gadget’s launch may actually be a marketing strategy to balance out sales between the first Apple Watch and its successor.