Apple Watch 2 news: Follow-up wearable device may launch in March


Apple has a huge year ahead of them. Just like last year, the tech giant is looking to roll out a series of new gadgets that will definitely be the year’s highlights for numerous tech aficionados out there.

While the company has more renowned products like their tablets as well as their smartphones, Apple is also looking to release the follow-up variant for their smart wearable device in Apple Watch 2 this year.

As early as 2015, numerous rumors have been swirling regarding the new watch being developed in a way that will make it like a standalone device as opposed to it heavily depending on the iPhone. This will be plausible via a new wireless chip that will be outfitted in the new device.

On top of that, there are claims that the wearable will become more of a medical device as sparked by Apple’s meeting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, the company was quick to dismiss these claims. Still, they have also said they are also not dismissing these possibilities given that the second iteration of the Apple Watch has been rumored to be sporting various health sensors.

Now, the next generation wearable is said to be expected sometime in March which makes it plausible given Apple’s yearly launch products during the Apple Event as noted by MacWorld UK. It can be remembered that at the same time last year, its predecessor became available for preorder and then ultimately hit the shelves in April.

Further speculations regarding the watch’s specs include longer battery life which is one of the waterloos of its predecessor. To make this possible, Apple is looking towards making their OLED displays thinner to make room for a bigger battery.