Apple Music news: Beats Music shut down; Apple's new music streaming service to launch on Sonos soon


Beats Music has been officially shut down to make way for Apple Music. Beats subscribers need to transfer to Apple Music to keep their saved music libraries and playlists. 

Apple purchased Beats Music in a massive $3 billion deal that included Beats headphones and speakers. The services offered by Apple Music are similar to that offered previously by Beats, but it has a bigger music library to choose from in more countries than the latter had. Apple charges $9.99 a month for offline playback of saved playlists and a 3-month free trial.  

Good news for Apple and Sonos

Hi-Fi home audio electronics company Sonos will be supporting Apple Music starting Dec. 15. This is good news since users can listen to music without attaching cables from their iPhone or iPad to a Sonos speaker. 

Sonos co-founder Tom Cullen is excited with the partnership between Apple Music and Sonos. 

“We think that Apple’s focus on the artist is the right place, they’re really connecting artists with music lovers in new and exciting ways like Connect. But also Apple as a company has developed the ability to come up with products that make it easy to make the leap into the future.

“And we think the effort they’re making in turning people onto streaming music is going to be good for musicians, it’s going to be good for music lovers and candidly it’s going to be good for Sonos, too,” Cullen said in an interview with The Independent.

In addition to Apple Music, Sonos also counts on other music services such as Google Play Music and Spotify. 

Apple Music does have its expected downsides since it is in the early stages of launch. The iOS app can be clunky at times and there are issues with iCloud integration.

Once Apple Music works out the bugs, it can potentially rival Spotify in providing music streaming services.