Apple iPhone 8 release date, specs: 'Liquidmetal' screen rumored for next flagship


Just as the Apple iPhone 7 is sweeping everyone off their feet since its launch back in September, the Cupertino-based company is showing no sign of letup as it is now rumored to already be in the process of building the would-be flagship replacement, the iPhone 8. And with the upcoming 10-year anniversary of its iPhone lineup, it certainly looks like Apple is keen on offering the best flagship smartphone yet.

There are huge plans for the next-generation iPhone, no doubt about that, and probably a year before we all can have an official preview of it, rumors about it are already starting to flood the web; the latest of which is the claim from an alleged employee in an Apple factory that the hardware components of the phone are already being developed in Herzliya, Israel.

The leak says that the iPhone 8 will be featuring a revamped appearance, suggesting that aesthetics could very well be the highlight of the upcoming flagship. It also said that Apple will finally focus on giving the phone premium quality cameras, something it hasn’t really been that serious in the previous iPhone models.

Meanwhile, Valuewalk reported another prospective feature that could probably give the iPhone 8 an overwhelming advantage against its future competitors. According to the report, the phone might come with a curved glass screen, a feat that Samsung popularized in its flagship Galaxy S7 Edge. But the difference with Apple’s version is that the curved screen is potentially made out of “Liquidmetal,” a technology invented by a group of researchers from the California Institute of Technology. The report goes on to say that Apple actually filed a patent for a curved glass phone case made from that material three years ago. This obviously is a sign that the patent is most likely intended for the Apple iPhone 8.