Apple iPhone 7: device may be out sooner than we thought; New Apple patent to edge out handset's competition


The apple fell a bit far from the tree in the world of finance but consumers are waiting for the handsets to fall more quickly in their hands.

There are current rumors that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) executives may be opting for the possibility of launching iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 earlier than planned because of the 7% stock dip that the shares experienced recently. The sales will provide a much needed boost.

Despite the dip in the stock, Apple was able to detect a highest Android to Apple conversion rate compared to previous years, according to Wired online magazine.

This means they will still remain one of the top players in the technology industry even when their current stockholders are not exactly in a very happy place right now. 

The company’s latest patent application indicates that future phones may have the most brag-worthy feature: tap and nudge-registered sensors that can be done on the back and side of a device. The patent was already awarded to the company this week according to the Daily Mail. It was first applied in January 2013.

Other brands such as Samsung and HTC have been reportedly working on their own version of haptic technology, but the latest patent from Apple goes a step higher than just detecting force levels; it literally allows the users to have additional commands through taps done at the side and back of the handset, beyond the boundaries of the touchscreen.

Apart from this impressive departure from the usual touchscreen technology, Alphr reported that the base starting internal memory of 16 GB will be upgraded into 32 GB for both iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. The A9 chip will also be the most likely processor of the latest phone releases from Apple.