Apple iPhone 7 rumors: New casing leaks point to a 3.5mm jack-free device


Apple’s upcoming flagship has been in the rumor mill for several months now, with speculations and theories regarding the features that it is anticipated to carry. Given the trend of the company’s naming convention, the upcoming device is commonly referred to as the iPhone 7.

Late last year, one of the strongest rumors about the iPhone 7 is the removal of the 3.5mm jack, as Apple is said to replace it with a lighting connector. Part of the change in the design is for Apple to be able to have a thinner device, expected to be 6.1mm thin, which is a millimeter improvement from its predecessor.

Although this is still unconfirmed, a photo leak posted on Nowherelse indicated that the casing seen for the upcoming handset confirms the rumors. The photo leak shows no hole for the socket, but instead two holes that are supposedly dedicated for stereo speakers.

The photos were also posted on the Twitter page of OnLeaks, a site that usually drops information and hints on rumored devices. The said change has so far received mixed feedbacks from users, with some wanting it, while others are a bit reluctant, as expressed in the comments section.

Aside from this, the iPhone 7 is anticipated to come in an improved design, faster processor believed to be A10, and an enhanced camera for better photo outputs. There are also rumors that Apple may release two versions of cameras for the iPhone 7 Plus, where one is a single lens and the other is dual-lens that may produce DLSR-like quality outputs.

In addition, the upcoming flagship was initially rumored to have waterproof capabilities, as this is one of the key features that most industry players are incorporating on their devices. However, there are also rumors that say Apple will not focus on this.

Fans will still have to take this information with grain of salt, as Apple has not officially announced anything about its newest flagship. The device is expected to be announced in September.