Apple iPhone 7 specs: no more headphone jacks?


In a quest to make the latest mobile phones not just smart but also sexy, Apple may drop headphone jacks for good in their upcoming iPhone 7 iteration.

Rumors reported by MacOtakara claim that Apple is already working on ditching the headphone jack in order to meet the new record-breaking slim body profile the company is said to be aiming for for the next iPhone model.

The 3.5 mm port, which is standard to all mobile phones and headsets available today in the market, is reportedly to be cut in lieu of the more advanced lightning port. The lightning port may support two functions already charging the battery and listening to music via a headset. 

According to an article by Engadget, a user may use an adapter in order to convert the lightning port back to a regular headphone port. Moreover, Bluetooth-enabled headsets or headphones may be used as a more convenient alternative.

However, writer Jon Fingas of Engadget reminds the public about the reputation of MacOtakara about their news leaks related to Apple. He says that there may be other things that Apple is working on and there are still 10 months left before the announcement of the next iPhone model. He further claims that MacOtakara doesn’t have an impressive history when it comes it comes to leaks. 

He further adds that not a lot of manufacturers are making lightning ports at the moment. Considering the amount of orders that iPhones get during its first day of launch, it can be assumed that millions of lightning ports should have been already in production.

In a different article released by The Verge, they think that Apple is aiming to go totally wireless in the future. To them, there’s another feature that Apple should focus on the USB Type-C.

Apple has not yet released any official comment about this direction with iPhone 7.

The next iPhone model is reportedly to be released on Sept. 9, 2016, based on the previous year’s exactly the same launch date.