iPhone 7 release date, specs: waterproof feature, according to company patent


August is halfway done and in just a few more weeks the Cupertino-based tech vendor Apple is set to launch their newest lineup of handhelds, portables and whatnot. One of the devices that have been getting the most hype is the iPhone 7 which is now rumored to be waterproof due to some upcoming image editing apps and tools that go along with it.

According to Patently Apple, patent 9,412,183 was filed in late 2013 and was just recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It has been reported that the company has filed almost a hundred patents for the upcoming flagship phone including the abovementioned underwater image enhancing tool. The tool will somehow fix aquatic shots taken by the forthcoming phone by removing unwanted hues caused by the water. It is said that it will also balance lighting conditions from where it was taken underwater.

Furthermore, there were also alleged official papers that were leaked from China about directives for the production of the rumored smartphone. This rumor was further solidified when a video featuring what seemed to be an iPhone 7 was leaked on the web some few months ago. As per the video clip, it featured the supposed iPhone 7’s back panel and focused on its bottom part which showed that the next handheld will no longer bear the audio jack connector.

Meanwhile, aside from the iPhone 7, another handset might tag along, dubbed as the iPhone 7 Plus or the iPhone 7 Pro, with the latter much more favored by many since Apple has been rumored to focus more on the Pro branding.

The phone is speculated to be finally unveiled on Sept. 9 and could be hitting the shelves by Sept. 16. Price for the upcoming smartphone has yet to be announced by Apple, but it is rumored to have an initial price of $700 for the entry-level model.