Apple iPad Pro news, update: new international Smart Keyboards feature rolls out


Good news for Apple iPad Pro users, the company finally decided it’s about time to make the Smart Keyboard feature for the device available outside the U.S. English layout. This new addition is referred to as the international version, compatible for the iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch models.

Per 9to5 Mac, the available localized layouts for the moment are British English, French, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, and Italian to name a few. Obviously, the purpose of making a localized keyboard layout for the iPad Pro is to give users from different regions in the world the chance and convenience to work and use their device based on a keyboard setup that they are most used to.

Accordingly, the new layouts can immediately be used once the user successfully purchases the Smart Keyboard app exclusive on the Apple website. However, not every country can access this store, so it’s difficult to say how those who don’t have access can get a hold of the new layouts.

Back when Apple released the iPad Pro 9.7 early this year, it can be recalled that it came with a detachable Smart Keyboard and since then, the company admitted that there was a significant increase in sales of the iPad Pro lineup in general. Therefore, one can easily come up with the conclusion that a new keyboard feature like this one could very well fuel more interest from international consumers to purchase and try the device out.

Meanwhile, CNET notes that aside from the Smart Keyboard, Apple actually offered another free accessory in the late 2015 release of the bigger model, the Apple Pencil.

So far, there is no follow-up information as to whether or not Apple plans on handing out more new stuff for the iPad Pro, especially with the impending launch of various devices the company has been developing as of late. It has been Apple’s practice in the past to come up with fresh offerings to its old products to lure in consumers to purchase them right before new versions arrive.