iPad Mini 5 release date: Will it be better than previous models?


The newest device joining Apple’s iPad mini line is said to bring bigger storage space.

Many are waiting for the release of the iPad mini 5 ever since it was reported that many new changes will be introduced with the device. Because of this, consumers are expecting that the iPad mini 5 will include increased storage space, in comparison to the ones previously released.

According to a report by Macworld UK, the Apple iPad mini 5 could bring a storage space option of 128 GB. Should this addition prove to be true, it will be advantageous to those who intend to use the device for professional matters.

While some reports have stated that the device will introduce a thinner design, there are questions regarding just how this will affect the performance of the device. To present a thin device, Apple could choose to use a smaller battery. This would mean that the iPad mini 5 would have a battery capacity that is lower than previous models and could cause issues for the device. However, this is met with skepticism since many are expecting to see improved battery life for the mini 5 tablet. There are rumors that Apple could be busy developing technology that could provide better battery life in a smaller size, but this has yet to be confirmed.

In addition to the other updates, the performance of the Apple iPad mini 5 will also be improved. With that, many expect the tablet to use the A9 processor, instead of the A8. As reports have indicated, this update will boost the efficiency and productivity of the device. The new iteration of the tablet is said to also bring enhanced graphics.

Many are hoping to see the launch of the iPad mini 5 later this year, since the iPad mini 4 was released around the same time last year.