Apple iOS 9 update rolls out but users report Game Center failing to open, Slide to Upgrade freezing


Apple’s iOS 9 was officially released for iPhone and iPad users September 16. Although it was better than its predecessor, the iOS 8, the newest update is still reported to suffer from some setbacks.

One issue reported by USwitch is with the Game Center’s failure to open. Users who depend on this application to store their achievements and scores in the mobile games that they play are faced with a blank page whenever it is launched. Moreover, games already installed on devices cannot connect to Gamer Center.

Another problem is the mobile data option for apps that are allowed to run in the background. Unlike in iOS 8, those who already switched to the latest update noted that whenever the switch for this option is toggled, it keeps on switching back to off.

Despite the upgrades on the Spotlight search, it can be noticed that not all contacts stored on devices will show up when searched through this feature. Although some users said that it can be fixed by going to Contacts and temporarily choosing to hide all contacts then switching back, it still does not solve the problem for everyone.

The biggest issue reported is before the installation of the upgrade itself. The Slide to Upgrade freezes after the update has been downloaded. For those faced with this bug, Apple recommends restoring the device and setting up the device as new.

Most of the issues noticed with the iOS9 are promised to be resolved once iOS 9.1 is released for all users. The beta or pre-release version, however, is already available on Apple’s developer website.

According to Apple, the launch of the iOS 9 marked the fastest conversion ever with more than 50 percent of users already using the operating system. “iOS 9 is also off to an amazing start, on pace to be downloaded by more users than any other software release in Apple’s history,” said the tech giant’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Philip Schiller.