iOS 9.3.4 update prevents iPhone iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak?


Apple is expected to launch the iOS 10 in the first weeks of September, along with the iPhone 7 and other devices. But before that, the Cupertino-based company released the iOS 9.3.4 update, which is likely to be Apple’s final operating system (OS) update before the new OS comes out.

According to the update’s official description, it “provides an important security update for your iPhone and iPad and is recommended for all users,” but new reports claim that its true function is to prevent people from using the 9.3.3 jailbreak developed by Pangu.

According to Forbes, Pangu and Taig, known for being the biggest jailbreaking players, have taken pains to jailbreak the current OS, with their last successful attempt being the iOS 9.1. Several weeks ago, Pangu succeeded and was able to come up with the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak, only be shut down with Apple’s current update.

It was claimed that Apple’s new update appears to have come out of nowhere and appears to be solely patching Pangu’s recent jailbreak. It is believed that this is the first time that Apple has released an update for this purpose, as the company is now said to be cracking down on any activity that it used to ignore before. In an unusual turn, the tech giant has even credited Team Pangu as the source for the 9.3.4 update.

Users are advised to only update if one does not wish to use Pangu’s jailbreak. Just like all the other iOS 9 updates, the 9.3.4 update is designed to work on iPad 2 or newer, iPad mini or newer, iPad Pro devices, iPhone 4s or newer, and the iPod Touch 5th generation and newer. Owners of these devices are usually sent a notification if they want to upgrade to the new software. However, users can also access the update by going to Settings/General/Software Update and install from there. Update 9.3.4 will require somewhere between 20 and 80 MB of memory depending on the device.