Apple iOS 10 release date: Mobile OS coming this fall, new features detailed


The new Apple iOS 10 is here. The new version of the mobile software from Apple was launched at the recently held Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 during Apple’s annual keynote presentation showcasing anything and everything new from the company.

Just like what was rumored, Apple did not present any kind of new hardware for the keynote presentation. Thus, all of the long rumored new devices that were thought to be coming to reality at the WWDC 2016 did not come at all. The keynote focused on presenting new software for various Apple devices across all platforms.

One of the new features of the iOS is the revamping of the general user interface system for one, the lock screen display is now different than before, as it now supports a pick up to wake feature, and opening the camera app just with a swipe to the left.

Siri also received a major upgrade. Now, the Apple digital assistant can send messages via non-Apple applications such as WeChat. It can now also search for photos via the use of a third party applications, and even reserve a car via Uber.

The previously called HomeKit set of applications are now integrated into one single application, which is called simply as Home.

The Messages app also saw new features added, such as the ability to play media live on the application itself, the ability to browse through the camera roll without leaving the app window, and the ability to add new filters to messages, such as the scratch to reveal feature.

The new iOS 10 will be available for iPhone 5 devices and later models, iPad 4 and later, iPad mini 2 or later, the iPad Pro, and on the iPod and iPod Touch 6 or later. The iOS 10 developer preview is now available while public beta testing will begin in July. The full public release would roll out for free sometime this fall.

As for other new software, Apple also launched the watchOS 3 as well as the rebranded OS X, now called as the macOS.