Apple news: Tech giant gains support from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and other companies over San Bernardino case


As the battle between Apple and the FBI regarding the San Bernardino case continues, other tech companies are already expressing their support for Apple.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other companies are already set to file their remarks to the court signifying their support for Apple’s decision to protect private customer information. The magistrate-judge will be using the information in deciding the outcome of the case. 

During the congressional hearing last Feb. 25, Microsoft Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said that Microsoft supports Apple’s refusal to comply with the FBI’s demand to unlock the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone. 

“I believe that Apple is making an important point,” Smith said. “We agree wholeheartedly with Apple that the right place to bring this discussion is here, to the House of Representatives and the Senate so the people who are elected by the people can make these decisions.”

Microsoft is also taking a defiant stance against a court’s order on a similar case. Just as Apple wants to ensure that the iPhone is free from the threats of hackers and the U.S. government, Microsoft also wants their customers to feel that their emails are secure on their servers.

In Apple’s case, the court is primarily referencing the All Writs Act, which some consider as “an old and obscure federal law from 1789.” According to The Guardian, the act is not the right tool for the FBI to force Apple to make a custom software that can circumvent the security of an iPhone. 

“Put simply, we do not believe that courts should seek to resolve issues of 21st century technology with law that was written in the era of the adding machine,” Smith said. “We need 21st-century laws that address 21st-century technology issues. And we need these laws to be written by Congress.” 

The U.S. government will be responding to Apple on March 10.