'Angel from Hell' season 1: Jane Lynch, Maggie Lawson star in new comedy show, premieres on Jan. 7


Brand new comedy series from CBS, “Angel from Hell” is slated to premiere on Thursday, bringing more laughs and misadventures between Jane Lynch as Amy and Maggie Lawson as Allison.

According to its home network, the show that was shot using a single camera will feature Amy as a colorful, brassy woman, who forces herself into the life of the seemingly perfect and organized Allison Fuller. She will also claim to be the latter’s guardian angel.

Allison is a young dermatologist who believes that her life is in order until she realizes that it is not. When Amy reaches out to her, she thinks that her supposed angel may be a crazy lady who is actually a stalker, since she seems to know a lot of things about her personal life. When all of Amy’s warnings about what can happen to her are proven to be true, Allison has second thoughts and starts to believe her.

Amy then gives her pitch that she will help Allison go to the right direction as it will also be her final chance to prove herself as an angel. She also advises Allison not to tell anyone about her existence, not even the members of Allison’s family.

Joining the cast are Kevin Pollak who plays Allison’s dad and medical partner Marv and Kyle Bornheimer as pharmaceutical salesman Brad, who is also her younger brother and lives in her garage.

Reports claim that the show is originally scheduled to premiere in November, but it has been delayed due to undisclosed reasons. Those who got to watch the premiere episode in advanced gave it mixed reviews, with some saying that it is a goofy and a must-watch show, while others stated that it seems to have an uninteresting plot.

Viewers can catch “Angel from Hell” on Jan. 7 at 9:30 P.M. ET/PT.