Android N release date: New OS to go live Q3 2016 – what to expect


The long awaited new Android operating system from Google, the Android N, has long been hyped up as the next big thing for the platform, with the currently expected release date for the system set for September at the latest.

The middle of last month featured the Mountain View company’s annual Google I/O developer conference. Many hoped for a series of announcements regarding the company’s hardware and devices during the event, but they were sorely disappointed when the conference instead focused on software updates.

Most prominently, Google updated the public on what was going on for its major project on the Android operating system, the upcoming Android N. According to the detailed post on the Android Developers Blog, the Android N is the product of “deep surgery” on the base Android operating system which was part of Google’s plan to enhance the system’s “performance, productivity, and security.”

The Android N previously had two developer previews, with the first one introducing a new JIT compiler which focused on upping and refining software performance to streamline app usage. The second one introduced the new Vulkan 3D rendering application program interface (AFI), which is Google’s method of increasing the capability of the Android system to feature and support better graphical displays on the mobile platform.

Google I/O featured the third developer preview, this time introducing the seamless update feature. With seamless update, Android N users will no longer have to deal with being smacked in the face with a new update upon turning their phone on. Seamless update allows Android N devices to update themselves even while turned off.

The third developer preview also brought the Android N development stage to the point where the system is finally ready for beta testing. That means that it could simply be months until the Android N completely hits the public, with the expected final release set for some time in this year’s third quarter according to the development timeline.

Q3 2016 means the months of July to September, though the more likely date is the latter. This, in turn, means that devices running on the new operating system can be expected to arrive around the holidays.