Android Marshmallow features include Android Pay, App Permissions and battery usage info


Google’s Android Marshmallow operating system is set to come out in various future devices.

Based on the third developer’s preview unveiled by Google, the new OS promises a slew of upgraded features in store for those that purchase the devices.

One of these features is the inclusion of Android Pay, a report by Tech First said.

Android Pay, the report said, is a service that allows Android smartphone users to make payments online without having to divulge their credit card details. What they have to do is create a virtual account in Google by entering their card details. This virtual account can then be topped up with funds using the credit card, and purchases or payments can be made using those funds, ensuring that no sensitive details are divulged during transactions.

Users can now also fine tune their privacy settings when using certain apps through the App Permissions feature in Android Marshmallow, the International Business Times reported.

With App Permissions, users can now tweak the permissions at the app installation level so that specific apps’ access to certain information is duly restricted. Currently, Android users are forced to just accept an app’s conditions in full before they can be installed.

The Tech Times also noted that Marshmallow will introduce a more detailed view when users check their battery usage. Specifically, users will now be able to determine battery usage by individual apps because the “computed power use” feature will now feature power consumption by milliamp-hours or mAh instead of just the usual percentage.

The IB Times also reported on a feature called Doze, which is reportedly designed to optimize the battery usage of apps that are running in the background all the time. This, the IB Times said, will help to improve battery life on devices that are running on Android M.

Doze has reportedly improved battery life by at least 2 hours on a Nexus 9, compared to when the device was running on Android 5.0, “Lollipop.”