Android M Developer Preview 2 pushed out via OTA; available until release of Android M SDK


Users of participating Nexus devices who have participated in the Developer Preview of Google’s latest operating system version, the Android M, will now be receiving the second of the three scheduled versions of the Preview via OTA, or users can opt to manually flash their device.

The update is once more free of charge, and can be obtained just by downloading the M Developer Tools, via the official Android Developers blog. The M Developer Preview started rolling out last May 28, and will run until the release of the final Android M SDK (software development kit). The public release will shortly follow then, around the third quarter of 2015.

The second version of the Android M developer preview contains various fixes and improvements with regards to issues and bugs that were found and reported for the initial release of the software. For the Developer Preview 2, here are the known issues:

  • General issues:
    • The system Messenger app crashes on the 64-bit emulator.
    • After updating to Developer Preview 2, Contacts sync experiences intermittent issues. The workaround is to clear and re-sync Contact Storage data after update. To clear data, go to Settings > Apps > Show system > Contacts Storage. Select “Storage” and then Clear data.
    • In YouTube app, it’s not possible to share a video. The share window is blank.
    • The bundled Google Apps Device Policy app included in Developer Preview 2 is unable to properly set up an Android for Work Profile, so you cannot create a new Work Profile with this app after you update. This issue is specific to the Google Apps Device Policy app, and not the Android for Work platform (or our partner EMM providers). As a workaround for users of the Google Apps Device Policy app, be sure to create a Work Profile in Developer Preview 1 before updating to Developer Preview 2.
  • Issues specific to MPZ79N on Nexus Player:
    • Bluetooth share crashes after clearing data. Please do not clear app data for system services, otherwise you will need to Factory Reset your device
    • Remote control can experience intermittent connectivity issues.
    • Movies show black screen with some ANRs on exiting the video.
    • In YouTube app, lower-resolution videos have a green bar at the top and some color-ghosting

Users who already have the initial Developer Preview will be receiving the latest update via OTA. For people who are new to the program, they can go download the Developer Preview 1 system image, flash their device with it, and wait for the device to automatically update to the latest Developer Preview 2 afterwards.

The third and final stage of the Developer Preview is expected to roll out later this month, followed by the final and public release later this Fall.