Amiibo news: New characters releasing March 18; 20 percent discount on selected items implemented


Starting March 18, new Amiibos will be released by Nintendo. Amiibo collectors will also have the chance to purchase the toys to life at 20 percent off through Amazon.

Nintendo posted the list of new characters coming out in the market this March. First on the list is Wolf Link, which was released on March 3. New characters to be released on March 18 are from the “Animal Crossing” series such as Timmy and Tommy, Rover, and Kapp’n. Also on March 18, new characters from “Super Smash Bros.” will be available such as  R.O.B. Famicom Colors, Ryu, and Roy. Another new character named Shadow Mewtwo will come out on the same date.

Meanwhile, on June 10, King Dedede, Waddle Dee, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Isabelle Summer Outfit can be purchased by fans.

As for Amiibo cards, Animal Crossing Cards series three will be released on March 18, whereas the fourth series will be out on June 10.

Moreover, Amiibo News, a fan-made account for the game, reported on its Twitter account that Animal Crossing 3-Pack is now available at a discounted price of $17.08.

More discounted Amiibo characters were announced through Amiibo News’ Facebook account. Fans of Kirby, the Planet Robobot and USA, the Standalone Digby Amiibo are available for pre-order on Amazon at 20 percent off with Prime. Also on sale are the characters Ryu, ROB and the AC Amiibo.