'America's Next Top Model' latest news: Tyra Banks says no more age limit


The queen is coming back with a new set of rules.

In late March, VH1 has announced that supermodel Tyra Banks is returning to her co-created reality show “America’s Next Top Model” as head judge. The upcoming 24th season of the model-search show is set to premiere this summer with new members in the panel, which will be revealed soon.

The supermodel confirmed the news through Twitter.

The 23rd cycle of the series had pop star Rita Ora as head of the panel. Banks, who is also one of the executive producers, stated that her decision to leave the show had been on her mind since 2007.

“It’s something that’s been on the tip of my fingers for so long, so it wasn’t necessarily difficult [to let go],” Banks revealed during her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. She asserted that as a creator and showrunner, it is her best interest to continue the show on the air and to keep it fresh for the fans to watch.

Now that she’s back in the judge’s chair, Banks tweeted a fresh set of qualifications for aspiring models.

“There have been 23 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, and every single cycle we say you have to be 27 years old or younger,” Banks stated in a video message on Saturday emphasizing the negative feedback about the modeling competition’s age bracket.

“So, you know what? I’m taking that age limit off. You want to audition for America’s Next Top Model? I don’t care how old you are, honey,” she said.

Since the age limit has been removed, the former Victoria’s Secret darling just wants the upcoming contestants “to know how to smize and be open to learning how to work the runway like a supermodel.”

Meanwhile, the makeup mogul is replacing Nick Cannon as host in the 12th season of “America’s Got Talent,” which will premiere on May 30 on NBC.