America's Got Talent news: Official smartphone app available now for download; Allow users to become like a real judge on the show


NBC Entertainment has announced that they have launched the official “America’s Got Talent” smartphone application for the viewers of their hit primetime show which currently runs on its 10th season.

Executive vice president for digital Robert Hayes said that they hope the app will give the audience at home an opportunity to better interact with the show, “We know our dedicated fans watching at home want to be able to participate on each telecast and have the ability to vote for their favorite acts. This interactive new App gives them that golden opportunity. It’s a must have for all ‘AGT’ viewers who want their voices heard,” Broadcasting Cable shares.

Aside from live voting, fans can now see real-time result of total votes from across the nation. They also have their own green, red and golden buzzes like the judges on television which allows them to save acts during results night.

Moreover, the app gives them the platform to directly tweet host Nick Cannon and some of the judges.

Users can also mix and match their buzzers with real famed quotes from the judges such as Heidi Klum’s “Did I look away? No. I wanted to see it all”; Howard Stern’s “I did not like this…I loved it”; Mel B’s “That was off the chain!” and; both of Howie Mendel’s “You just hit it out of the park on the biggest stage in the world” and “It was just boring. It bored me. I want to be excited.”

Afterwards, they can share their choices and join the conversation on Facebook.

The app is now available for download on the App Store for Apple IOs and Google Play for Android Mobile Devices.

America’s Got Talent is reportedly the number one summer reality show in the United States. Its latest episode airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.