'American Horror Story' season 6 cast news: Sarah Paulson returns for season 6


While “American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy refuses to reveal the plot for the upcoming season, the cast for season 6 is slowly shaping up with Sarah Paulson being the latest to confirm that she will be returning to the show. Paulson announced her return during the Television Critics Association (TCA) summer press tour on Aug. 9.

While the plot for the upcoming season is still a mystery a month before the show premieres, there is a theory that the plot will revolve around Charles Manson and the Manson Family.

Huffington Post reports that fans have picked up clues on the plot by studying the upcoming season’s promotional teasers. On one of the teasers, the word “PIG” was seen in a nursery. It should be noted that the word “PIG” was written in blood on the door of the house where Sharon Tate was found dead. Tate was also a few weeks away from giving birth when she was murdered.

In an interview with Deadline back in 2013, Murphy admitted that the Third season of “American Horror Story” was almost centered around Charles Manson. He also said that the show “might go back to the Manson thing in some regard one day.”

Despite all the theories and rumors surrounding the plot, Murphy continues to keep a tight lip. Earlier at the TCA press event, FX president Jonathan Landgraf talks about how Murphy wants to keep the plot of the season under wraps.

“Ryan decided it would be really fun to keep it a mystery, so we are.” They went out and made many more trailers than you’ve actually seen for hypothetical seasons of American Horror Story. One of them is accurate and the others are all misdirects,” Landgraf said.

It looks like viewers will have to wait for the premiere episode to know what the theme is going to be for season 6.

“American Horror Story” will kick off its new season on Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.