'American Horror Story' season 6: Anthology gets earlier September premiere date


The highly anticipated season 6 of FX’s acclaimed anthology thriller “American Horror Story” finally has a release date for viewers to start making a countdown.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the network recently announced that the series will return to the small screen on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. ET. Although details on production are kept tightly under wraps, a new logo was unveiled by the show’s social media accounts.

The image features what could be a hybrid of number six and a question mark. The figure is written in bright red on a black background. Fans deemed that it is an appropriate symbol for a season that is cloaked in secrecy, specifically when it comes to the brand new plot and setting.

Some note that the schedule of the premiere also differs from the usual releases in the past. Given that first five installments always premiered sometime in the month of October, it is speculated that there might be a surprise season being cooked up.

Since the show is only trickling down very few details, the lack of any information ironically seems to create more hype and excitement among fans. However, it remains to be seen if it comes to fruition.

As for the casting, FX has yet to officially confirm any members of the ensemble. But in a recent interview, Cheyenne Jackson revealed that he is indeed coming back. Fan favorite actress Lady Gaga also hinted that she may once again take part in the project, “I can’t promise you how or when or anything like that,” she previously teased.

Among the regular mainstays, star Sarah Paulson is predicted to have another exciting role, “Now there’s nothing he [creator Ryan Murphy] could ask me to do that I would say no to. Ever,” she said to Variety.

Murphy only shared during his previous appearance with the cast at PaleyFest that, “I will tell you that every darling person up here that wants to come back can come back.”