'American Horror Story' season 5 spoilers: Evan Peters says 'Hotel' is the scariest yet, so impressed with Lady Gaga


Continuing from the previous episode which shows a dinner attended by some of the notorious killers, the latest installment of FX’s anthology series “American Horror Story: Hotel” will have viewers making sure that they have turned their lights on while watching it.

Although the network has been keeping details on the down low, the synopsis for the episode titled “Room Service” reads “Alex uses an unconventional treatment to save a dying patient. A Halloween-hating couple tests Iris’s limits.”

Carter Matt reports that fans hope the storyline will make sense this time as the plot seems not to form anything concrete yet and just revolves around portraying the weirdness of Hotel Cortez and its inhabitants. The fourth episode called “Devil’s Night” has also shown another small decline in viewer ratings from 1.7 to 1.6 in the 18-49 demographic.

Since the premiere of the new season, fans have reportedly been skeptical about the progression of the show especially since veteran actress Jessica Lange did not join the cast. However, others believe that a seemingly interesting narrative, with a star-studded group of actors, will make up for what could be a different and even better iteration.

Talking to Details, Evan Peters, as the season’s big bad Mr. March, shares that he thinks that Hotel is the scariest yet after being part of the franchise for a long time.

He shared that the particular scene which haunts him is the one with the conical metal dildo, “Yeah that was pretty scary. Tip of the cap to Max Greenfield for really selling that [scene]. That looked incredibly painful. It is a terrifying situation that you would never want yourselfor anybody elseto be in.”

He added that having Lady Gaga as a replacement to Lange gives a “younger, fresher excitement”.

“She is happy to be there. And it is revamping the showwe are on season five and we could be tired of doing it. But each year it’s a different story, so that is incredibly refreshing, not to mention you have this budding actress. I know she has acted before but this is sort of her debut.”

New episodes of “American Horror Story” air every Wednesday.