American Horror Story season 5 spoilers musical comedy Top Hat is setting's inspiration but next series will be scariest of them all, Paulson hints at villain role


American Horror Story: Hotel, the fifth season of the top running FX’s horror series, will be out this October and will draw its setting inspiration from a musical comedy film entitled Top Hat. This film was shown in 1953, a stark contrast to the horror vibe being emanated from all the AHS series episodes. The Independent confirms these details in two separate interviews with Angela Bassett and Ryan Murphy.

Casting rumors floated a lot during the course of time but the confirmed actors to join in the horror fun are Evan Peters, Wes Bentley, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, and Chloe Sevigny. Among the newbies, Lady Gaga is worth noting as well as Sarah Paulson and Cheyenne Jackson. While there are welcome arrivals, there was one sad departure: Jessica Lange.

Paulson, despite being confirmed with her involvement in the show, denied vehemently that she will be Janis Joplin for the AHS:Hotel season according to Christian Today. But she did tease a villain role.

“Well, I think, I’ve never played any villain on the show. So perhaps they’ll be an element of bad, bad girl,” Paulson confides to the press according to The International Business Times.

Having played the role of heroine in the past, this will be an interesting role reversal of sorts. Over the last few weeks there is an observable trend of having heroines take the anti-hero stand like Emma in Once Upon a Time, Dean in Supernatural, and many other bestselling TV shows.

In one of the two interviews of The Independent with creator Ryan Murphy, he confirmed that he planted clues in season 4. And true enough, AHS fans in social sites such as Reddit devour these clues and keep it as a part of the fun and guessing for what comes next. Given the theme, most of them guess that the hotel will be the Garden of Allah Hotel. In addition, some of the fans unfortunately continue to pelt undeserved body shaming comments at Gabby Sidibe and speculate on what to expect from this scary series with conspiracy theories.